Last Dream Soccer Club was started by Mauricio Peres, Raffael Abbernade and Hugo Martinera back in 2000. After a tournament in Jamaica earlier that year, these three players decided to form a soccer club which encompassed their love of the game, together with the camaraderie, good-fellowship and fun of playing with friends and enjoying a day of sun, fun and soccer. From those humble beginnings, Mauricio and Raffael have slowly increased the exposure of the soccer club, while Hugo decided to create his own club in the area. Our club has many retired professional soccer players from various countries, who can continue to perform in a competitive manner. Our club started with only 4 teams, and has grown now to 20 teams with over 350 members, and a waiting list of players who are wanting to be part of this fun and competitive environment. We hope that the club will continue to grow and that more soccer players will come and be part of our organization, and follow our creed of brotherhood, convivial spirit, competition and community!


Mauricio Perez

  • Born in San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Born in 1958
  • Married to Sylvia for over 40 years
  • They met in El Salvador
  • 3 children, Carlos, Mauricio and Andreina
  • 7 grandchildren
  • He came to USA in 1975 fleeing the civil war in his native country
  • He met Atilio on a soccer field
  • He was part of the Last Dream Soccer Club Over 50 National Championship team

Attilio Tirillo

  • Born in Fasanei Italy
  • Born in 1938
  • Married to Betty for over 50 years
  • The secret to our successful marriage is that she   lets me play soccer”
  • 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren and 1 great grand child
  • He was 19 when he came to USA and brought his love of soccer to Connecticut.  He later came to FL. where he organized friendly games between Gulf Coast locals against many world class players. He helped bring organized soccer to Palm Beach County In 1975.
  • He was part of the Last Dream Soccer Club over 50 National Championship team

Club will not be adding new members on Sundays after regular season starts. Team will only be allowed to add players on Wednesday nights (between 8:00 and 10:00 pm).
Teams will be given time to provide to the club, signup forms for each individual, a valid certified I.D. and payment for the upcoming season before 1st regular season game.
Any team that will use unregistered players will forfeit the game. That includes players who did not pay their fee in full, completed signup form or produced valid ID.
All Captains will be required to produce a written roster before each game and submit it to the referees for approval. Games will be delayed until written roster is produced. Only players on that roster will get the credit for participating in the game.
The goal difference will be use to determine the final club standing if two or more teams finish with the same amount of points. Not all the teams will play the same amount of games due to the schedule limitations.
Club rules will supersede the FIFA rules in cases where club’s commissioners will deem changes to benecessary.

The no-play rule will be strictly enforced for all:
1. Players who did not present a valid I.D. which has to be accepted by the club officers (FL drivers license).
2. Players who did not completed signup form (lastdreamsign2012.pdf) which can be downloaded on the Forms page.
3. Players who did not pay club fees, $150 for the season or $300 for the year.


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Club’s Rules
I would like to remind everyone that Last Dreams rules, code of conduct exists for benefit of the club and club members. The Club’s rule will be strictly enforced and anyone not complying with club policies or conducting themselves in unacceptable manner will be suspended or could be expel without a refund. These Terms and Conditions (as amended from time to time) govern your participation as a Member of Last Dream Soccer Club. You should read them carefully. Umpire ‘ref’ abuse has become quite common in Last Dream, practiced by players, coaches and spectators. The abuse can be verbal abuse (such as name-calling), or physical abuse (such as punching) when people do not agree with an umpire’s decision. Such behavior should not and will not be tolerated and offenders will be punished. If anyone shows up for a sanctioned club’s game and can’t behaves in the acceptable manner, than these person or persons will not be allowed to stay in the club. Please keep in mind that you fee entitles you to a 4 month (one season) club membership, nothing else. The referees are working for the club and club will do whatever is necessary to protect them. Gentlemen, executive committee asked me to remind you (once again) that Last Dream is a private club and Club membership is a privilege, and not an entitlement
Players can join the club by directly emailing team managers, new teams can join the club by contacting the club for information.

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